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There are many reasons to get rid of your skin. In private and at work. However, with unpleasant consequences: instead of serenity, you suffer from tension, confusion, loss of control and frustration. Letting off steam may bring short-term relief — but it is better not to let the anger boil up in the first place. Or in short: to be more relaxed. This is exactly what many find difficult: Instead of calmness and imperturbability, there is excitement, rage and fits of anger. But it doesn’t have to be. …

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Grit and success are like twins, they are inseparable. At least that is the conviction of the American psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth, who deals with this personality trait in her book “Grit. The Power of Passion and Perseverance ”. She explores the question of why some people are more successful than others and what makes them successful. In fact, it is often not the “usual suspects” such as intelligence or relationships — even if neither does any harm. However, grit is a property that is almost more important. …

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Imagination is the eye of the soul. Or as Jonathan Swift once put it: “Imagination is the gift of seeing invisible things.” It is the driving force behind new ideas and innovations, the engine of all creativity. With imagination we can increase our motivation as well as our possibilities. Provided that the imaginatively inspired thoughts become reality.

But that is the problem of the imagination: Too much realism is poison for them, nips them in the bud, locks them in the narrow cell of what is currently feasible. “Impossible!” Shouts the realist and reviles the visionary as “fantasist”. Hasty! We…

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Finally there, finally the weekend ! The work week is ticked off, now only do the last little things of the day and then into the well-deserved weekend. start. Enjoy the free time, do nothing, switch off, maybe pursue a hobby. What the individual prefers at the weekend is as complex as earth sediment. Everything goes. However, there are a few general tips and advice that will help you make the most of your weekend. Because unfortunately the weekend is often much less relaxing than it should be. …

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Everyone can learn to think positively. The power of positive thoughts makes you happy, successful and changes our lives for the better. This has nothing to do with naive wishful thinking or beautiful painting. Studies show that being happy only depends ten percent on the circumstances. Our thinking is much more important. It influences our attitude towards life to 40 percent. In the following instructions we show tried and tested tips and effective exercises on how you can think more positively in the future and become more satisfied — privately and professionally …

What is positive thinking?

Positive thinking means…

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From zero to a hundred within seconds — that is what characterizes a typical choleric . Those people who let their anger and aggression run free. Unfortunately, on the job, that just seems quite unprofessional and insolent. Especially not sympathetic. The biggest problem with it: how to deal with a choleric? Or even with your own frustration and anger? What if the colleague or boss gets out of hand, scolds and snorts and being ashamed of others turns into physical agony? …

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You already know that all narcissists use manipulation and tricks to deceive even the smartest people.

No matter what situation you get into, you have a tactic ready.

We all know that they trust their ability to play a role (and a powerful one at that) that is attuned to each and every person they are targeting for the current manipulation.

They can easily tune in to anyone they want to trick to get the most out of them and then let them down.

But there are a few things you didn’t know about narcissists.

Things they would like to…

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I know you thought this girl just couldn’t do it.

She wouldn’t be brave and brave enough. She would never have the courage to do the right thing.

I know that you firmly believed that she would always love you more than herself.

That you would always be her priority no matter what you do.

Let’s face it — you could have bet your life that this woman would stay by your side forever.

That she would never say goodbye to you for good, and that all of her threats to leave you were just empty words.

To be honest…

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As terrible, toxic, and manipulative as they are, psychopaths can actually teach you some really valuable life lessons if you just look a little closer.

Do not get me wrong. Being with or just around a psychopath is a nightmare.

It scars, leaves you vulnerable, defenseless, and hurts you.

It makes you feel crappy and his manipulative and malicious personality makes you tremble with fear.

If you’ve ever dealt with someone like this, I’m really sorry. But I have some kind of good news for you too.

You know all the malicious traits he has and which he often uses…

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This year I promise to finally let go of you. To leave you in the past where you belong and to start a new chapter in my life.

In this year, I promise that I will stop missing you and that I will learn to live without you.

That you will stop being the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last picture I see when I try to fall asleep.

I promise I’ll stop looking at our old photos and hearing the songs that remind me of you.

I promise myself that I will not…

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